Tip 1: How to pull plug

When they say "break - not to build," they mean that it is easier to break.However, what is done to the conscience, to break is not so easy.Old anchors in the wall kept very hard and does not want to get out immediately.Sometimes you can not immediately understand how to take it steady fastener.It all depends on what anchor in front of you.And, of course, on your persistence.
Metal plug Metal plug -gvozd remove the hardest.Take a heavy hammer and cranky krpezh.If not, then close, as close as possible to the dowels, drill another hole.With him will be easier to shatter.Cranky pull plug not working.
plastic dowel happens that during the repair you shoot pictures and discover the old plastic plug .More you do not need.Everything is easier.Leave it in place, it is obvious that when you delete a hole in the wall to increase.You do not want to close up again the wall, wasting time and energy.But if you need to drill a hole very close to the new anchors, the old still remov
e.Use an ordinary corkscrew.Screw it into the nylon backwards to remove plug out of the wall.Freed seal the hole with plaster.When the plaster has hardened, you can drill a new hole next.
plastic dowel with a broken softwood vnutriVot he make you work a little more seriously.Give up the idea to drill it, as a very strong steel screw.We'll have to go to the trick.
Take a hot soldering iron in the 60-70 watt and heat plug with screw stub.Plastic plugs melt, and you pull out the needle or tweezers screw.If not quickly obtained, the hook, and screw through the tweezers warm it further.A few minutes later he still be thrown out.
sposobVozmite second thin-walled steel pipe.The tube diameter selected according to the diameter of the dowel.At the end of the tube with the help of needle files do four teeth.Use the resulting product as a drill.This handset will go into the hole without problems and come directly from the screws.Begin drilling at a low speed of rotation and gradually increase it.Even if your plug made of durable material, high-speed steel pipe burn, and you can burn plug .

Tip 2: How to remove the plug from the wall

Repair in an apartment requires a quality finish of the walls.To prepare the room for wallpapering or other decorative coating application, wall want to align, freeing them from the pre-past fasteners.Often, the master must be removed when no longer plugs, which are secured by means of screws.This can help in skill and some tricks.
How to pull the plug out of the wall
you need
  • - screw;
  • - corkscrew;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - awl;
  • - claw hammer;
  • - a hammer;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - punch;
  • - Angle grinders ("Bulgarian").
to dismantle conventional plastic dowels in the simplest case, use a screw of suitable size.Screw the screw into the dowel about two-thirds, to screw securely connected to the demountable part.Then hook the screw head with pliers and pull it out together with dowels.In some cases, the function of the screw will be able to perform a spin table.
If ordinary pliers not help pry hat screwed into the anchor screw claw.This lever allows you to remove the plug with less effort.The main thing is to screw her working part was planted firmly in the hole.
Homemade wooden dowel remove from the slot in parts.To do this, dissolving it along the grain of the wood into several pieces with a chisel with a thin blade and hammer.Ruined thus plug pry tip of a sharp knife, nail or awl, and then gently pull out.
If plug securely seated in the wall, it is not always necessary to pull out.In such difficult cases, a sharp knife, cut the protruding above the surface of the wall of the dowel and the resulting groove seal the plaster and align.
To remove plugs stuck with it a fragment screws using a heated soldering iron.Melt the plastic base soldering iron anchors, and then pry the chip mounting wire cutters or pliers with thin lips and sharp pull of the slot.
metal dowel a nail, which is usually driven into the concrete using Nailguns pretreated with frequent strong hammer blows.Blow inflicted on the protruding part of the product from different angles.In many cases, the dowel manages thus undermine, after which it is relatively easy to remove a claw hammer.
If the metal dowel just can not shake loose, do the wall next to him deepening using carbide-tipped drills or metal punch.Thus making circular crater reduce the area of ​​coupling dowels material walls and facilitate the dismantling.If this trick does not work, cut off the protruding part of the dowel angle grinders ("grinder") and completely level deepening.
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