you need
  • - wallpaper;
  • - glue.
First, you need to choose the right wallpaper.Do not buy the hallway light, they quickly become dirty and you have to glue it all over again.Do not take too dark shades, try to match the tone of the picture colors of furniture hallway.The best option - washable wallpaper, from which you can easily remove the dirt.
Prepare wall to work.Soften old wallpaper with a damp sponge and remove them with a spatula.Paper coating, which keeps tight, wet soap solution, in which the pre-add a little wallpaper paste.Washable wallpaper and thick need to cut or incised to better absorb the solution, and the coating quickly soaked.
If necessary, moisten the old paint again.Th
e most difficult areas through a wet cloth iron the iron.To remove the top layer of two-layer vinyl wallpaper, make horizontal cuts.The lower layer will be an excellent basis for the new stickers wallpaper.
Enamel paint is removed and a large sandpaper.Latex paint and whitewashing soak with soapy water and remove with a spatula.
lined the walls.To eliminate defects walls can paste over wallpaper or thin paper facing paper, the resulting dry basis.
Measure the length and width of the walls of the hallway roll of wallpaper, calculate how much you need pieces and cook them in advance.Roll out the roll of wallpaper face down, measure the length of the pieces of equal height of the wall, plus 10 centimeters for fitting.Note the alignment pattern.
Apply a strip of adhesive, it should correspond to the type of wallpaper.Ready adhesive must be uniform, without clumps.Apply it first in the center of the wallpaper, then spread evenly over the entire length of the piece, carefully promazyvaya edge.Fold a piece of fluff that it is soaked with glue, soak time specified in the instructions.
Start glue from doorways or arches lining the edges of the strips.Follow the pattern coincidence, neatly align ornament.Taped a piece of clean cloth or press a special roller, start in the middle, and then lead from the top down.Give wallpaper dry, do not hang up until the shelf and a mirror.