Tree - a wonderful natural material.It is environmentally friendly, retains heat well.The tree can give almost any color using stains.Especially effectively looks like a wooden surface covered with two or three layers of lacquer.

Some people decided to build a new house or renovate an existing one, want it had wooden floors.However, skeptics argue that such technology is complex, expensive, and wooden floors deteriorate with time.What are the pros and cons of a wood floor?

Advantages of wooden floors

floor, covered with wooden planks, especially if it is well polished and varnished, very beautiful.Perhaps for its aesthetic qualities to it can be compared only to parquet floors.The house has wooden floors immediately evokes a feeling of warmth, comfort and harmony.And it is very important to maintain a healthy m
oral and psychological atmosphere in the family.It should be noted that with proper operation of the wooden floor is durable.

tree, as has been said, clean, natural material.In addition, it is well "breathes", ie supports the gas exchange with the environment.Some species of trees such as pine, fir, larch, due to higher content of various resins, have antibacterial properties.Therefore, the construction of such a tree a long time do not rot.

no wonder that more and more people at the first opportunity to acquire the rustic wooden house.It can be built from logs, lumber.Also popular frame houses that can be built in just a few days.

Many varieties of wood has a beautiful, textured.Using stains as well as colored paints, wood floors can be given virtually any hue, including simulating expensive elite varieties (e.g., red, rosewood, etc.).Thus, even a small, unassuming house will look very nice.

wooden floors in a position to anyone even slightly familiar with carpentry and knows how to use tools, man.However, when building a house is still necessary to consult with experts. That is, you can do the job yourself and save money at the same time that would have gone to pay for the labor of carpenters.

If we use for the floor decking, one of the faces which have thorns, and on the other - the grooves, you get solid flooring, without the slightest gap.

Wooden floors are in perfect harmony with virtually any furniture design, as well as with the different types of wall coverings, decorative elements.

Finally, wooden floors, due to the low thermal conductivity of wood retains heat well.This somewhat reduces the likelihood of diseases of the tenants in the cold season, but also helps to save fuel to heat the home.

What are the disadvantages of wooden floors

Plus, this type of cover, as we see, a lot.Are there any disadvantages?Yes, there is, and a lot of them too.

First of all, this type of coverage will cost quite a substantial amount, even if you do all the work with their own hands, without the help of professionals.

Wooden floors in time, or because of lack of proper installation, often begin to warp from moisture, grit, or rot.Some floorboards can bend (or break down).There are scratches, dents from hard and heavy objects.That is, sooner or later have to make a repair floor.And this is fraught with troubles, as well as monetary costs, even if it is a minor, cosmetic repairs.

Before you start to lay a wooden floor, it is necessary not only to put logs - cutting wooden beams, which act as supports for the boards, and align them carefully.This is a fairly time-consuming work, especially if you decide to install joists, adjustable in height.

must be remembered that the thickness of the floorboard must be at least twice smaller than the height of the support bar. This is necessary in order to lag does not warp when wet or drying boards.

Before directly lay the floorboards, the floor must be warmed, poured into the spaces between joists concrete block, paving or synthetic insulation material (eg mineral wool, expanded polystyrene).That is, again, requires additional work and costs.

In addition, a tree, with all its virtues, the fire-dangerous material, and it can also be attributed to the disadvantages of this type of flooring.

Finally, if the room low ceiling, flooring wooden floors (because of the need for pre-installation lag) will make it even lower.

So if you decide to make wood floors, first assess the possibilities and weigh all the "pros" and "cons".Consult with experts, evaluate your strength, because before you take on a new, necessary to clarify all the subtleties and nuances of the work.