you need
  • iron, cotton cloth, napkins, turpentine and alcohol
scraped from the affected tissue remnants of the substance.No matter stearin, paraffin or wax left on the canvas.The proposed method is suitable for all of these types of pollution.
Soak a cotton cloth, and then on top, cover it with paper towels.
Put a spot of natural fabrics, pre-moistened with methylated spirits.Not use synthetic, it can damage the process on heating.
iron the resulting combination with a hot iron.
Change upper cloth while they will not be performing spot.Napkins in this case
will absorb the molten wax or paraffin.On to save the web after this procedure you should just stay greasy stains.
Wipe the stain with a cotton swab or cloth, which had been previously wetted in unleaded petrol.
Put the product in the washing machine and wash.
This method will not work if the drops hit the velor or velvet upholstery.Where your actions are as follows: in the same way scrape off the wax and then treat stains with alcohol or turpentine.In these tissues, in any case, do not use iron.
If paraffin wax or stained carpet, your actions should be as follows.Clean off with his nap, and then from a sheet of cardboard, cut a hole that is slightly larger spots.
Place several layers of white cloth on the stain, cardboard with a hole at the same time put on, it must be exactly on the spot.
Place the design hot iron.At the same time, make sure that the iron does not touch the bottom of the carpet pile.Do not iron the, and compressing the resulting structure.
Treat carpet special agent for such products, when absorbed into the tissue paraffin,
Comb the carpet brush.