you need
  • - resolution Regional Inspectorate of Shipping,
  • - a contract for the lease of land,
  • - construction project,
  • - construction contract with a contractor,
  • - foundations (pontoon).
Determine the location for the construction of the house on water and get permission for its placement in the regulatory authorities.In most cases, the owners will be required to sign a contract to lease the site to the public body that has the appropriate credentials.
signed a contract with the project organization.Choose the company that has a special license (Standard Definition for the provision of services for the construction of buildings, in this case does not pass) and works in this segment of the market is not the first year.Houseboat should not pose a danger to its residents and moored sh
ips in the vicinity.At the stage of coordination of shipping inspection will be thoroughly checked all the calculations that formed the basis for the project.
Book a foundation for home on water - pontoon.View pontoon depends on structural and technical features of the future landing stage.Steel or reinforced concrete base characterized by high strength, so are used in cases where a large area of ​​the building.For light structures, in particular, gazebos, fit and plastic modular structures.
Decide utilities before the start rough construction.If the electricity supply, drainage and heating floating home will be on citywide networks necessary to issue a permit.If this is not possible, alternative sources are needed, which will serve the building offline.
contract with a specialized company for the construction of landing stage.Build a house can be made of wood or lightweight metal structures.Used in the construction of houseboats wood is pre-treated with antiseptic solutions.As cladding materials can be used in virtually all types of finishes for the exterior.