you need
  • - the phone number of the management company or the chairman of condominiums;
  • - a decision of the General Meeting to transfer the attic.
Typically, attic in apartment buildings are closed.This is done for the safety of themselves as residents.Attics can be engineering equipment, without which the house can not function properly.Therefore, in order to open the attic should be sufficiently strong reasons.Look in the receipt for payment of utility services, which organization caters to your home.
Refer to the management company a statement.In some cases, it is enough just to call the technique that serves your home.You can make a written statement.
Send it to the director of the management company.Ask open loft and specify the reasons for which you need to get into this room.Usually attic opened in the presence of one of the employees of the management company.
If you have a house created homeowners refer to the President.Typically, the keys to the basement and attic common areas are just at him.Explain why you need it.
may happen, and so that the attic is already attached to your space one of the owners.In this case, the keys are in it, and you will have in any case ask for permission.
In some houses in the attic it is equipment that allows to adjust the heat apartments in the stairwell or even throughout the home.If the heating season began long ago, and in your homes is still cold, do not allow the amateur, even if you know where and what to tweak.Refer to the management company.For property located inside the house, she was responsible, and it also had to check and service all in-house network.After the start of the heating season, adjust the operation of heating systems Plumber owes utility serving your home.