Determine for what purpose you need a heater.In general, such devices are conventionally divided into air heaters and coolers.By the principle of action of air heaters are divided into electric, steam or water.Coolers usually operate on freon or chilled water.
When selecting a heater for heating industrial premises find out if the enterprise device that generates steam.If such a system is available, stop your choice on the steam heater.Production facilities in enterprises, as a rule, originally equipped with steam pipes, capable of continuously supply steam to the heater.At the same time, keep in mind that the room should be equipped with both air supply and exhaust vent
ilation systems, otherwise avoid drafts.
In the absence of a permanent system of indoor steam choose an electric heater.This heater is also effective if the room quite poor ventilation.An additional advantage of the electric heater is that it does not require complicated laying of utilities (enough to pave the heater electrical line).Note the correspondence section of electric heater power supply cable.
When you select a particular heater, make sure it has a mount for mounting to match the output of your room.What matters is the location of fixtures and their ability to bear the corresponding burden.Using the given criteria, you will avoid unnecessary costs to rework the foundations.
Before choosing a water heater, make sure that the room where it will be installed, there are sources for water heating.Using this type of heater is justified if it is used as a heat exchanger, then there will be the actual device selection output.Water heater in some cases may be connected directly to the heating system.
often also requires a device which is not a function of the heating and cooling of air in the room.There are two basic types of such devices: one uses chilled Freon, other works as a water cooler air.For regions with a hot climate, choose a cooler on freon, the ability to lower the air temperature is 20 degrees or more.For a temperate climate will be enough to buy a water heater.