Description of work

to increase doorways need plastering, priming, nails, screws, metal frame and guides, as well as a spatula, and triangles.The migration process consists of two stages: the transfer of the opening by a few centimeters and the expansion of the opening width and height.

Increasing the height of the opening in the panel house is carried out by cutting a monolithic structure to the desired height.If the door is in the interior walls, in which case the aperture is increased with corners.Reducing the doorways made with a special design of the drywall.

Completion height to 6 cm is done by plastering the doorway, and more than 6 cm - needed construction of gipsokrtona or brick.Masonry is durable and plaster - ease.Sometimes yo
u need to move the door.The opening of the monolithic wall can be cut.And if the door is located in a brick wall, you will need to transfer all items.Both processes involve a build-up of the wall, or cut.

stages of the work to increase the openings

Increasing the height of openings includes a series of preparatory work.Firstly, using a level mark applied on both sides of the opening.Next to dismantle the old opening.Then on the intended line made holes.Gently with a sledgehammer and a hammer, remove the concrete or brick.This method is traditional, but the best result is achieved with special equipment fitted with diamond blades.According to the specified label the entire length of the rod is removed plaster.The next stage - the laying of bricks for the side wall to the tags.

In brick and monolithic walls can change the size of doorways are not more than 21 cm in height and 20 cm in width.The expansion of doorways may be accompanied by the occurrence of cracking or chipping.Therefore, upon completion of the work should be carefully examine the wall and remove all defects.At the top of the opening and masonry cement layer is applied.

is often necessary to enhance and strengthen the openings.If this is a concrete wall, the opening can be strengthened by using U-sections.Brick structures amplifies metal or concrete bridge.If the doorway is located in the bearing wall, the work carried out with the permission and the project, which describes the stages of the event, the procedure for increasing the aperture and procedures to strengthen the structure.