you need
  • - Zamioculcas;
  • - watering;
  • - sponge;
  • - water.
Zamioculcas Provide the necessary conditions.It is not particularly picky about the care and growing quite rapidly.The relevant conditions of his needs he can reach one and a half meters in height, and even white flowers bloom, collected in the ear.The temperature in the room where there is Zamioculcas, even in winter should not fall below 12 ° C.It is best if the temperature is about 18 ° C.This tropical resident is extremely fond of light, so in the winter window he belongs.In the summer it is better to stand o
n a balcony.
Provide Zamioculcas different mode of watering at different times of the year.Conditions in the apartment should more or less correspond to those in which the plant is found in nature.We should not think that all the tropical plants like high humidity.Just Zamioculcas even in spring, summer and fall should be watered very carefully, and in any case not to pour.Water the plant so that the earth in the pot becomes wet.The water should not leak on the pallet.If this happens - drain it.Do it with the accumulation of water.
Zamioculcas Watering twice a day, every day or intermittently - it depends on the humidity.Give the land in the pot a little bit dry.Zamioculcas very poorly tolerate stagnant water in the soil.Its roots easily rot.So do not rush for watering, if you feel that the earth is beginning to dry out.
winter, change the mode of irrigation.Zamioculcas needs a period of rest.Try to land on the humidity.Water the plant only when the soil in the pot completely dry.
Zamioculcas rather indifferent to the humidity, so special it does not need to spray.But it leaves the pores easily clogged with dust, they must be periodically washed.Do this with a soft sponge soaked in warm water.Cleaning in the care of healthy plants need not be applied.
summer standing on the balcony Zamioculcas can never be washed, especially if it rains quite often.