Two-story houses are considered to be low-rise, but it has a very significant weight.Therefore, the base of the special requirements of the building.To the foundation is not dipped, cracked and could not adequately withstand heavy loads for decades, before its construction is recommended to conduct geotechnical investigations.This task is performed, specialist organizations.They take soil samples and carry out all the necessary calculations.
Professional Advice private developer

If there is no possibility to conduct geological research area, it makes sense to pay attention to the recommendations of professionals in the construction of low-rise buildings.First of all, it should be understood that the ground under the house floors must have considerable stren
gth.Therefore, self-constructed monolithic slabs or ribbons (regardless of the degree of penetration into the ground) are recommended to use the concrete of the highest marks: M-250 (B20), M-300 (V22,5) or M-350 (B25).
reinforcement is necessary to use high-quality fittings: horizontal grids - 12-14 mm corrugated section for uprights - smooth sections of 8-10 mm.If the house in length exceeds 10 m, you will need to make a gain by a three-meter foundation reinforcement rods.They should be placed around the perimeter of the base and have a cross-section of at least 12 mm.
main types of foundations for the two-story brick house

This monolithic belt and slab foundations.Selecting the base of a particular type depends on what the conditions on the construction site.If the ground is unstable (sand, sandy loam) or locality often heat a little, it is recommended to draw the attention on a monolithic slab.It will be the most stable and reliable basis for a two-story building.The advantage of the foundation slab and in the fact that he is better than tape compensates shifts of soil due to its heavy weight and occupied volume.
monolithic (or team) concrete ribbon - the best choice for small two-storey buildings.Such a base (if the type of soil and the groundwater level) can be melkozaglublennym, that is, laid at a depth of 50-70 cm. If the conditions are such that a more significant penetration, it is calculated in accordance with the rule of construction of low-rise buildings: for eachfloor must be 0.8 meters. That is, if the two-storey house, the sole foundation should be located at a depth of not less than 1.6 m.