In order to successfully grow cucumbers in the open ground, you need to determine the suitability for this vegetable culture of the chosen site.It should be remembered that the cucumbers like light and heat, so the site to choose a well-lit and heated by the sun.Seeds will delight you with their yield enough light, fertile soils.Well, if in the ground near the site of the pond is located, through which the air throughout the day will be moist.

Of course, the best soil for cucumbers is loamy permeable, but also well suited black earth soil or drained peatlands.Correctly using agricultural machinery, cucumbers can be grown on heavy clay soil.In order to improve such land should be fertilized in the
fall of its materials such as compost, manure, peat.And for power plants and oxygen saturation is recommended every year to fertilize the land with fresh cow dung.

seeds and methods of sowing

For sowing is best to take the seeds that were used 2-3 years ago.Since the plants grown from these seeds were formed in the female flowers, they will come to fruition first.The best time for sowing is late April or early May, when the soil is warm enough to have time and freeze safely retreated.

two methods of seeding cucumbers in the open ground: horizontal, vertical.

first method, horizontal, in which the bed well watered.Recess approximately 30-40 cm, each inoculated to 5 seeds, then covered with soil.About a week later, sprouts begin thinned, but they could not pull out, it is better just to cut.

second method, vertical, whereby the cucumbers are sown into furrows pre-prepared beds in increments at least half a meter apart.With this seeding cucumbers are always grow on the earth, and they do not need to try to overturn.

How to take care and collect?

is important to make sure that cucumbers have been adequate lighting and distance to the shadow did not fall.The courting of vegetable crops include: watering, weeding, hoeing, protection and fertilizing.Collecting them is necessary after they have reached their standard size early in the morning.Cucumbers should not be stored in the room, otherwise they will be soft and begin to wilt.For safety, they are best kept in the refrigerator.