make planting seeds in April and May, when it is not necessary to seal them deep.Make sure the room temperature, it directly depends on the germination of sprouts.The perfect atmosphere for the cultivation of seeds - 30-35 degrees.Thus, even on the 4th day of sowing you will have sprouts.Remember: purslane love of light and heat.
Prepare the soil for planting purslane.The ideal substrate is composed of 30% fine gravel and sand, 70% of fertile soil (organic fertilizer and peat) and add a bit of charcoal.First container filled with sand mixed with gravel.Then pour the fertile soil.Buy all the ingred
ients for the substrate can be in a specialty store.
Do not forget to take care of the crops.Watering shoots purslane is necessary through the tray to avoid damaging the still fledgling plant.Keep an eye on the soil, it is in any case should not be dry.Since purslane love of light, place the container with germs better on a well-lit windowsill or provide additional lighting plant.
in open ground purslane Repot after the frost, when the weather is warm and sunny established.Well, if by that time will be on the plants of 12-15 leaflets.In the first days after landing take care of the regular watering of germs.
Purslane is not necessarily grown in open ground.The plant grows very well on the balcony, in small containers.The only condition - good lighting and a mild climate, with temperatures no lower than 20 degrees.If not glazed balcony, during heavy rain, the plant is better to put them in a closed room.Also purslane can be grown on a windowsill in the room, on a well-lit window.But in this case, the flowering will be less abundant.