you need
  • - camera;
  • - color printer;
  • - online.
If you plan to sell surplus necessarily take a picture of the plant in advance at the time of flowering and fruiting.This image will be used to attract potential buyers.Point out that the flowering or fruiting of their own.Otherwise, be sure to note that the photo was taken from the Internet.
Make ads.Do not mix in the same ad flowers, fruit plants and ornamental shrubs.It is better to make a few announcements, as in the title, please specify a group of plants that are sold, such as "High-quality perennial flowers sellin
g" or "Buy seedlings cherries and cherry."
Specify the exact name of the variety.Varietal plants are sold much better than the anonymous.If you purchased the plant in the famous royal nursery or directly from the breeder, write about it.
Describe varietal qualities.Describe disease resistance, hardiness, flowering or fruiting profusion and everything else that might be interested gardeners.
Describe seedlings , offered for sale.Please indicate the age, size, condition of the roots, especially the origin (seedling, plant, delenki etc).Take a picture of a particular sold instance, if possible.
Place your ad in the electronic media.First of all pay attention to the local sites.The easiest way to sell their planting material is to create a separate topic at the local gardeners.The name of the topic clearly indicate the name of the plant.
Before you set a price, ask at what cost selling similar plants in your area.It is possible that the local nursery gives the same seedlings very cheap.
Perhaps in your region out local publications of gardening topics.They can place a personal ad for a very reasonable cost or at all - nothing.This publication - a great opportunity to sell seedlings those who are far from the Internet: pensioners and the elderly.
If the plants offered for sale, easily withstand shipment, place your ad in the Russian media, both electronic and paper.But it makes sense to do only if you sell expensive high-quality plants.Otherwise, the postage can be more expensive than the price of seedlings.Note that the shipment of plants and seeds by mail is possible only within the Russian Federation.
not ignore such a powerful tool for product promotion as outdoor advertising.Print ads and good color LAYOUT their market garden near or in areas of gardening friend.Select a large font that older gardeners gardeners had no problems with reading.But do not forget that in many regions of Russia, there is a fine for putting up advertisements in the wrong places.Use its objectives specially designed stands.