you need
  • - soldering iron;
  • - copper plate;
  • - drill with a drill;
  • - a chisel;
  • - shoe nails;
  • - a hammer;
  • - felt;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - aluminum sheet thickness of 1 mm;
  • - foil or cloth without synthetic impurities;
  • - steel washers;
  • - brass washers;
  • - mild steel;
  • - graphite powder;
  • - nuts.
Make a special nozzle for soldering: to do this, take a copper plate measuring 40 mm by 20 mm and drill two holes in it by the diameter of the pin.Then bend this into a tube plate.Put the tube on the soldering tip.Make a copper plate round wheel.With a chisel make it wavy edges.Then, using shoe nails fasten the wheel to the tube.
red-hot soldering iron hot and run in place of the polyethylene film, cellophane, where the need to solder or cut.After using a felt wheel to remove the remnants of
the film.
Make device-nozzle iron, that can be used to weld thermoplastic film .This device is a T-shaped aluminum profile length of approximately forty centimeters.That part of the profile by means of which will be welding the film strip the soldering iron and then with sandpaper.Cut out of a millimeter sheet aluminum nozzle: its size - the size of the soleplate with an allowance of ten millimeters on the bends.In mid-sized profile cut longitudinal bore.
Lay sealable plastic film on a flat surface.On film put foil or cloth without synthetic impurities.Put on an iron tip and slowly lead for the welding strip.
make termorolik.Steel brackets to fabricate termorolika (thickness of about one millimeter) at the ends of which are drill holes 5 mm in diameter.Steel washers to make a movie: with sandpaper round off the ends and treat the work surface, making it smooth.Mechanical termorolika represented by four brass washers with a diameter of 10-12 mm, which are sure to grind.All rubbing surfaces are treated graphite powder and collect termorolik.Then secure it using the nut on the tip of the soldering iron.Adjust heat termorolika by loosening the screw or scroll through connecting this device to the soldering tip.