Antennas - a receiver signal.It is reflected at a specific point called focus, in which the converter - from the high-frequency inverter Ci Ku in frequency from 950 to 2150 MHz.This signal is easily transferred from the antenna to the receiver.After the receiver decrypts the digital satellite signal and broadcasts it on television.
If you want to build your own antenna, refer to the information on the Internet.Sign up at specialized forums, which will help you choose the items, taking into account the geographical location.You may need to buy a universal converter with minimum noise figure.It determines the number of channels that you can receive from a particul
ar satellite.
Satellite Transponders Program you need to determine the radio stations, television channels and broadcast range to the desired satellite transponder frequency.To find the selected satellite coverage, visit LyngSat Maps.
Free program Satellite Antenna Alignment is used to calculate the location of the satellite relative to the point of your arrangement.Turn the program, set the longitude and latitude of the city where you are, then it is necessary to select the satellite.The program will indicate which should be directed plate, and at what angle it should rise.
In the main menu of the receiver you have to select "Settings", then "Antenna Installation".Ask a transponder frequency, symbol rate, get the type konvertera LNB ┬źUniversalny 2┬╗ DiSEqC.Lower scale "Quality" shows 0% when you entered the correct settings.
Now you can go directly to the plate.Determine the direction in which the south.Slowly move the antenna horizontally, studying the horizon.Then lower the plate down by one degree and repeat the procedure again.When the signal, look for the best value, secure the antenna.