varieties of tulips

Gone are the days when suburban areas, flower beds, courtyards decorated with a scarlet tulips, magenta, and yellow.Now the market offers an abundance of colorings, shapes.Fringed varieties are great.The edges are decorated with soft fringed flowers.This variety of tulips planted in the fall, as the parrot, then they will have time to take root before the frost and bloom next spring.

parrot also justifies its name.Each full-blown bud is like a small colorful bird.Green, white, pink spot may be on the same flower.Breeders brought even lily varieties.These flowers can be confusing everyone who sees them as flowers opening is very reminiscent of the lily.Peony- also lives up to its name, as well as terry cloth.High, low-growing
, any Tulips can be planted in the fall.

choice of location, filling soil

Once selected and bought planting material, you must determine the location of future growth.In the lowlands, you should not place the bulbs.There during the winter thaws, spring flood water stagnates, causing the bulb to rot and die.The best place - a flat area that is protected from cold winds, well warmed by the sun.In the shade plants will pull the stems and flowers will have saturated color.

For the filling of the soil is better to use a ready-made fertilizer for bulbs.It can make digging or laying directly on the 0.5 tspeach hole.If the fertilizer is not ready, mix:

- 200 g of wood ash;
- 50 g of double superphosphate;
- 30 g of potassium sulfate;
- 500 g chalk or dolomite;
- 25 of ammonium nitrate.

This amount of fertilizer calculated per 1 square meter area.Once you have dug up the soil to a selected area, scatter mixed fertilizers, and close them with a rake.In addition to the mineral, necessary to make organic fertilizer.On the same square meter, add 2 buckets of rotted manure or compost ripened.It too is mixed with the topsoil by means of a rake.

start preparing the soil for 2-3 weeks before planting flowers that she could settle down a bit.

Dates technology

landing in the middle lane best time planting tulips is considered the middle-end of September, in the southern regions - October.By this time, the soil to a depth of 10 cm to cool down to + 10C.On light soil they are planted at a depth equal to three diameters of the bulbs on the heavy - two.Make a small sharp spatula recess desired depth, dip the onion, pour the soil.Plant 10 cm apart.Top Zamulchiruyte this site in a layer of peat 5 cm to prevent winterkill winter planting material.

Look beautiful circular landing.In 1 square meter Plant at least 50 pieces.In the Netherlands, in such a plot of 100 tulip bulbs in a checkerboard pattern.