you need
  • - special funds from the bugs;
  • - hot water;
  • - turpentine, kerosene and 100 ml 100 ml;
  • - 50 grams of soap and water 500 ml;
  • - 8% ammonia;
  • - 5 g of naphthalene, kerosene 100 ml, 50 ml of cresol;
  • - turpentine 40 ml, 20 g phenol, salicylic acid, 3 g
Inspect beds, mattresses, chairs and sofas.If you suddenly find traces of insects: a large number of black dots on the skin of the larvae or parasites themselves, then proceed to the immediate removal.Produce handling not only the immediate habitat bugs , but all the rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen.
You can destroy the parasites at the expense of liquid, microenca
psulated formulations, water-based, which are sold at the store.It is composed of slightly toxic components which kill not only insects but also deter.
If you do not have special preparations, use proven, homemade recipes: hot water, a mixture of turpentine and kerosene, soap with warm water or a solution of ammonia.They are relevant if you pour the liquid over the plinth data or use in remote places (bath, toilet).
Dissolve 5 grams of naphthalene in 100 ml of kerosene, stir, then add 50 ml of cresol.The resulting mixture for several days, apply with a brush on habitats bugs .
Take 40 ml of turpentine and dissolve it in 20 g phenol and 3 g of salicylic acid.Treat the mixture « bugs nicknames."
Bedbugs can live well in books and small objects (chairs, shelves).Bedbugs do not tolerate changes in temperature.If the court of the winter, put items parasites balcony 1.5-2 hours, where the temperature of minus 19-20 ° C.After 5-7 days, the bugs can appear again.In this case, immediately repeat the process.
Fight bed bugs you need to know that the main thing - to find their nest.If you do not find it, though every day destroy parasites and disinfect, they will still appear and proliferate at an unprecedented rate.