you need
  • - cinder blocks;
  • - brick;
  • - waterproofing material;
  • - cement;
  • - facing brick;
  • - wooden slats;
  • - roofing material;
  • - wall paneling;
  • - level;
  • - stairs;
  • - fixing material.
Learn soil type

Construction bath cinder block consists of several stages: foundation work, the formation of the walls, the construction of the roof, insulation and finishing structure.To exclude emergency drawdown baths, analyze the composition of the soil.For example, peat, silt and fine sand suitable for building - a primer first need to be strengthened.Raw clay soils are subject to change depending on the temperature and precip
itation, so the optimal basis for the foundation of a homogeneous dry rock.If your site virgin sand or sandy-rocky base, the base poured without strengthening.
Select the type of foundation

bath suitable for two variants of foundation: Columnar or ribbon.In the first case are the individual support pillars, in the second - a continuous strip of stone, concrete or brick, outlining the future structure of the circuit.The construction of the walls of cinder block will not have a big load on the foundation, so it is more expedient to use the pier foundation.Place the brick or concrete pillars the size of 500x500 mm at all corners of the alleged bath and bearing internal partitions at a distance of not more than 1.5 m from each other and move on to their harness.Place the top of the poles reinforced concrete beams and perform the waterproofing of the foundation.
Put wall bath, alternating metal mesh every 2-3 horizontal rows - this will give the structure strength.To get a smooth masonry, use the control level.On the last row of blocks put pieces of wood that will become the basis pent roof and gable.If you want to have an additional room under the roof, you will approach a gable roof option.Its installation is carried out by forming trusses and beams, which are mounted crate.Roofing material can be used for various kinds: roofing material, Ondulin, profiled sheeting, Slate.If you're strapped for cash, use a soft roofing material - it will be a temporary option for reliable protection of your buildings from precipitation.
Warming and finishing

to the ceiling and walls of the bath does not accumulate condensate, focusing on their insulation.The basic rule: each successive layer of insulation from the inside shall have more improved properties of heat preservation.Make shlakoblochnogo on the walls of the vertical furring strips with a minimum thickness of 50 mm and basalt insulation lay on top of it - tinfoil.To ensure that the air gap between insulation and finishing materials, slats laid on the foil thickness of 25 mm and secure them finishing a wooden battens.For durability of porous cinder block walls is necessary to finish on the outside.Oshtukaturte them or covered with facing brick - it will help hide the unattractive color of the material and give structure Solid appearance.