known that a tick bite does not cause pain.That's why people do not immediately able to detect the parasite stick to it.The consequences of such a bite can be irreversible.Paralysis of the nerve endings, encephalitis, typhus: this is not a complete list of diseases, which are the carrier ticks.So better to protect themselves from tick bites.

Repellents repel ticks

There are several types of funds that can help protect yourself from ticks.The most effective of them are considered repellent.As part of the repellents may be present and the chemical substances of natural origin.Diethyltoluamide must be contained in repellents to protect against ticks.Of course, to kill pests such component is not capable.But the smell for a long time scare tick on your clothing.Feature repellents lies in the fact that
they should apply mainly to clothing.Particularly recommended to treat these means things in the ankles and wrists, and collars.Thus the effect of the application can be kept up to 5 days.

How to Choose a repellent?

Before purchasing repellent against ticks should always carefully read the label.This will help determine the presence of the certificate.The fact that all of these agents are toxic.Therefore, they must be certified by the Ministry of Health.Typically, foreign-made vehicles are more than 50% of toxic substances.Thus repellents certificate is not issued, since they may be dangerous for people.

When choosing a repellent should be familiar with the concentration of toxic substances in its composition.The most effective are products containing toxins up to 30%.Their effect usually lasts about 5 hours.But repellents with low content of harmful substances can be used even pregnant women and small children.

During storage repellents should be observed a special temperature regime.This means that it is better to buy these in pharmacies, not the shops and stalls.Pay attention to the brand and product shelf life.This is a very important indicator for repellents.

The most famous and popular means of mites include: "Biban", "DEFI-Taiga", "Off! Extreme".Children under 12 can enjoy the proven repellents as "Evitan" and "Biban-gel".