you need
  • - pruner;
  • - garden var.
Take forming and cutting just bought a sapling cherry.The more branches and shoots, the better.Do you have a great opportunity to select the strongest and most viable.Well check your sapling and remove branches growing out of the trunk - they are not to be of no use, but the power plant they will spend a lot.If the above trunk are weak and unnecessary in your opinion shoots safely prune them too.As a result, your cherries should remain 5-6 main branches, which give rise to the future of a strong and robust tree.
Spend the landing the first crop of cherries in early spring.This should be done before the date when the buds swell and touched in gro
wth.If you wait until then, put the cutting and forming until next spring - shortened and cut branches can dry out considerably weaken the whole plant.The first step is to get rid of the growths that go into the crown and create excessive thickening.Basic branches to limit the growth is not necessary;if you see that there is much shoots develop, leave them in place.
Gradually add to the basic 5-6 2-3 main shoot more.When forming the crown of cherries must be considered that the old branches may eventually weaken, and to replace them must come new.The number of additional branches count with regard to the end of the formation of the crown (where the tree growth is 2-2.5 m), there were about 10-15.To place such branches must be evenly along the trunk to krone has no gaps and thickened.