to the cultivation of gooseberries be successful, you should start with the selection of a suitable site and soil.When choosing a place for the gooseberry bushes in the area note that it can not be planted in the lowlands, peat areas.High humidity will provoke the emergence of diseases such as powdery mildew, and promote root rot. Gooseberries did not tolerate stagnant water, so opt for a higher place on the site.
soil for planting gooseberries should be loose and free of weeds.Best of all you
ng bushes planted in the space formerly occupied by such cultures as a beet, potatoes, peas or beans. Gooseberries will develop well after planting lupine.And note that this culture drought and shade tolerant, so the seedlings can be placed and enough shady places.
When planting, the young bush first prepare the ground for him.This is done in two stages: the first way to prepare the ground, and then directly to the landing.To highlight training lane strip of land of 2-3 meters long and 1 meter wide, carefully clean it of weeds, make humus, fertilizers and deeply dug earth.
cutting, coils ODA gooseberries are planted at a distance of 1.5-1.8 m from each other.For planting dig a planting hole depth of about 20 cm., And make them more fertilizers.Do not put on the bottom of the landing pit fresh manure - it can cause burns to the young roots, and bushes are poorly developed. Gooseberries mainly propagated by horizontal layering.For planting take them with only a one-year increase.
When planting seedlings and backfilling, make sure that does not fall asleep the tops of side shoots, otherwise it will hamper their growth.Increase layer mound gradually, but not more than 20 cm., But not more than that, otherwise you simply will block the airflow around the seedlings and to prevent the formation of new roots.
After planting the primary care for young gooseberry consists mainly in a timely and regular watering loosening the soil around the bushes.Note that although the first year or two of development gooseberry occupies only part of it reserved for the areas occupied by other crops free sites still do not.This may prevent the proper development of the bushes.
If the soil before planting was well prepared and filled up in the first two years, you can not make additional fertilizers and feed gooseberries start with only 3-4 years of its development.To feed used compost and cow dung.Keep in mind that not rotted fresh manure can cause burns plants, so it's best to give him time to pre-mature compost pile with humus.