What rate of moisture content in the home

optimal humidity level in the house or apartment is within 45% - 60%.Over the dry air is harmful to humans and more humid winter provokes the appearance of condensation on cold objects and walls, and later mold.Only a standard bedroom area of ​​20 square meters.m without ventilation, two sleeping person increase humidity to almost 95-98% overnight.In a typical apartment with plastic windows and no ventilation mode over the weekend a family of three will add a volume of w
ater equal to four or five buckets of water.

How to get rid of excess moisture

First, determine what is causing the moisture in the house.Flaws in the walls or foundation, roof or poor ventilation.Often the cause of excess moisture in the apartment or house is the tightness of windows and doors.Modern technologies allow to reliably insulate the house and get rid of drafts.It's good.Only in this case it must be undeveloped proper ventilation of all rooms of the house.

From simple.If moisture is retained in the bathroom after a bath, set the bathroom door with clearance from the floor for the influx of dry air.Also check the vent.If natural ventilation is weak, install an exhaust fan.In the kitchen, take care of the flow of fresh air through the window and secure the hood over the stove.

can install plastic windows with a vent.This will solve the problem of ventilation in the cold months of the year, due to the strong cooling of the apartment.If the windows are already installed, add room wall ventilation valves.The choice of models large valves.They can be installed under a window sill or near a window at a height of two meters above the floor.

If the house is large, and there is a desire to equip the ventilation or air handling units with heat recovery, which will significantly reduce the operating costs in the future, it is better to invite experts to execute a project of the ventilation system and install quality equipment.

How to remove moisture on the walls and foundation

If defects are found in the walls, you can fix the problem, re-plastered walls in the rooms or outside the house.It is also the perfect solution - external wall insulation with modern materials.You decide to just three issues: to improve the thermal insulation, get rid of the dampness on the walls and improve the appearance of the house.For your regular foam insulation coated with a grid and the subsequent plastering.You can use modern insulation: extruded polystyrene, mineral wool, heat insulating plaster.

damp on the walls, rising from the base, can be eliminated by performing the waterproofing.Of course, this is easier to do in the construction phase, but there are many options for waterproofing already constructed home.If the problem is leaky roof, will have to do its repair and, at the same time, warming.