you need
  • - seeds and seedlings;
  • - fertilizers.
good harvest depends on the quality of seedlings.Try to plant it in time, otherwise it will not matter that will affect the future growth of the plants.If you can not grow strong seedlings, buy it on the market or in specialized stores.Pay attention to the barrel - it must be thick and rich foliage color.
Buy a calendar for gardeners.It lists all of the recommended date of sowing seedlings and plants landing in open ground.Some plants, such as cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, and others, should be planted in the period unstable temperature under a covering material.
Plants that are in a greenhouse, it is necessary to pollinate.For this purpose, open some windows at the time
of flowering, the wind and various insects could help in pollination.If the rapid flowering ends bud drop, and the ovary is not there, use the special preparation "Ovary".You can buy it in the gardening store.Dosage is described in detail on the package.
Do not forget from time to time, carefully loosen the earth and the plants then fed any mineral fertilizers.Obey dosage - recommended scheme and the concentration depends directly on the funds, so specify rules for the application instructions.
In the hot water the planting period, every night, trying to direct a jet of water scattered on the ground, to avoid knocking down the ovaries and damage the green parts of plants.If there is rain, be guided on soil moisture.Excessive irrigation threatens rotting roots.
Timely weeding plays an important role.With a large number of weeds in the garden cultivated plants lack nutrients, moisture and sunlight.Try to pull up the weeds by the roots until they reached a large size.
In time remove the ripened fruit, and digging up roots.Do not wait, when they will grow even more.First, they can begin to deteriorate, and secondly, more than you need, they will not.