Design features PVC windows

plastic glass window looks like a box with panes of glass inside and doors, separated by impost.Inside the box is a hollow aluminum profile, is an adsorbent that absorbs moisture.At the window there is a movable element - wing, which houses the glazing, it is attached to the frame.Double glazing is fixed in the wing using bead - narrow plastic profile.Mullion, as has been said, divided into several sections of the window, both horizontally and vertically.

Inside the frame members, leaflets and impost is reinforcing metal profile.With inner and outer side of the glass you can see the special section of the seal, made of rubber and intended to eliminate any gap between the window sash and frame.No accessories operate plastic window will not be possible.All kinds of straps, handles and hinges make it easy
to open the casement.

number of cameras in the window profile can vary from 3 to 8. The more, the tightness of the window.The largest camera is placed in the center of the frame and is equipped with reinforcing steel liner, providing better fixation profile.The window may have only one opening shutter, and can two or more.Each wing has its own design of glass and profile.Deaf flaps are fixed with glazing beads.

Additional equipment

The composition of glass consists of two or three glass thickness of about 4 mm.To ensure the necessary strength between the panes are installed aluminum or plastic frame.The necessary tightness glass and the whole design provides a special composition - sealant that handles its ends.At the bottom of the frame has holes for outputting condensate accumulating inside the glass.There are additional elements that are not included in the compulsory packaging plastic window.We are talking about a window sill, window sill profile, slopes, ebb and inlets.

sill is a horizontal panel, installed in the bottom of the window from the inside.Even at the stage of measurement is taken into account the presence of a window opening radiators.In this case, the window sill run along the length of the slit window glazing to ensure entry of warm air.Podstavochny profile facilitates the installation of window sills and low tide, slopes take on a decorative function, and wicks moisture tide coming onto the plane window during the rain.