Planting pear recommended in the fall or spring.But for spring planting hole should be prepared in the fall.The ground for pears should be loose, well-flowing air and moisture.In the garden is better to choose for planting south or west side, the place should be quite sunny.Mix upper fertile soil (extracted from the pit) with organic fertilizer in the form of humus manure, peat moss or compost.If the soil is acidic, add lime or wood ash.After planting a pear tree trunks tamp and pour two buckets of water.When moisture is absorbed, the soil around the plant Zamulchiruyte, tie tree to the stake.
Very often, the roots of young pear suffer in the winter, so they need to be warm, sprinkle over the snow.Young shtamby autumn wrap
film, paper, or straw, you can use the leaves of sunflower.Recommended watering system for pear - irrigation.If you do not have such a possibility, then you should make a groove around-trunk circle around fifteen centimeters wide and carefully fill it with water.To ensure the access of oxygen to the roots, after watering is necessary to loosen the soil.
Pruning - is a necessary measure, which will form a crown over the years without unnecessary branches and shoots, on which there is no harvest.In a two-year seedlings, there are about eight side branches, from which to choose four skeletal, which will be located at an equal distance from each other.Remove excess branches using pruning shears.For a good branch of a tree, its branches should be shortened to a quarter (the same height).The handler must remain above twenty centimeters.
make fertilizer for pears should be the second year after planting.Chemical fertilizers are introduced every year (spring and autumn), organic - once in three years.