One of the most common ways of getting rid of the gum - it's freezing.Just put the soiled clothes in the freezer and wait for about half an hour.Once the freeze jacket or jeans, you can easily remove their cud.If the gum does not want to tear off, soak the cloth under running hot water - it should melt away and you can easily remove it.If you messed up a coat or a fur coat, which, because of their size are not vlezut in your freezer, then the ice will help.Attach a piece of ice to the point of contamination and after it hardens, remove all the brush.
Sometimes stores meet special tools for removing gum.They operate on the same principle of freezing.Hold the balloon to spot at
a distance of about 5 centimeters, and spray means for about three seconds.Then remove the frozen gum as the crust.
You can also use another method.Heat the iron, put the paper on the gum.Walk iron over the paper - gum should stick to it.Any remaining stains can be derived alcohol or turpentine.Be careful with these substances, since they can damage the easy thing - along with the pollution can go and paint.Therefore, first check the effect of alcohol or turpentine on the inner surface of the fabric.Instead, you can use iron hairdryer.
also try to soak the clothes with chewing gum in the water with any means for removing stains.Then try to carefully remove the softened gum and wash the item in the usual way.
can try to bring the gum and using gasoline.But remember that it is better for these purposes to use high purity gas - lighter refills.Also, in some cases, it makes nail polish remover.But be very careful when using it.
If all else fails, turn the thing dry-cleaned.Perhaps there will cope with this problem.