All those wishing to buy a home brewery advised to assess their strengths and capabilities.Even the mini-brewery in the kitchen takes the same amount of space as a food processor.In the process of preparing a beverage brewery you must first keep in a warm place, and then - in the refrigerator.Not every woman will agree to tolerate this.

Brewery - this is not a coffee machine, cooking one batch of beer is about 1.5 weeks.Unexpectedly appeared friends treat their own beer can be not so often.At first, the taste of home-brewed beer is average, and the manufacturing cost high.Such efforts on the shoulder only real beer lovers. Home Brewery can be a great gift for a father, a husband, or a young man.The man, appreciating beer, very high and such a present will r
emember it for years to come.

Structural differences

simplest Brewery is a vacuum container in which the beer ferments, keeping the carbon dioxide.Matured beer is stored in a refrigerator in a barrel directly, thereby improving the quality and taste of the beverage.

barrel itself can be solid or collapsible.Folding models are equipped with penoulavlivaniya and pressure relief.Whole casks are designed to make beer at normal atmospheric pressure.

Acquire better preassembled brewery.Many manufacturers offer a model as a set of parts.Buyer to collect the TV yourself.But without any skill assembly takes a long time and affect the quality of work of the brewery.

Of all the models is recommended to choose the ones that are designed for liquid wort.It is useful for the body and better dissolves without forming lumps.

interested in how to prepare the beer.There are models in which the foamy drink is prepared and stored in the refrigerator directly into the barrel.They are more practical.And there is only a model for the preparation of beer.Then it must be poured into bottles and stored therein.

Choosing between the volume of the barrel - 10 or 20 liters - is entirely dependent on the personal preferences of each.The difference is that a greater volume of beer is fermented longer.10-liter microbreweries will produce less but more often. to United States and Western Europe, people who prefer healthy lifestyle, appreciate the home-brewed beer as a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Appearance and accessories

In addition to the various designs, the brewery can be equipped with additional accessories and a set for the production of the first batch of beer.

bottles, glasses, funnels, spoons for stirring many consider "extra" items that only make the purchase more expensive.

From useful accessories is to provide a storage device released during fermentation carbon dioxide.During storage, using this siphon will be to "return" the carbon dioxide back into the beer, not letting him out of steam.

professionals in the preparation of beer are trying to use a thermometer and a pressure gauge.For beginners, the book will be useful or DVD with a set of prescriptions.