Stoves for baths come in two types - wood and electric.Wood stoves are often used in the country.Heater used in cottages and apartments with sufficient electrical power.The furnace operating on electricity, has a small load of stones, dry air and creates a sauna effect.Some types of electric furnaces are equipped with a remote control that allows you to control the temperature outside the steam room.Permission is granted to pour water on the rocks as the electric furnace, and the wood-burning model.
Choice furnace for a bath - the task is not so simple as it might seem.The air in the steam room should not be cool, but it is necessary to achieve a light vapor.Light steam (finely div
ided superheated) is obtained if the water reaches the surface, heated to 500 ° C.When the stones are heated to near the temperature in the steam room will be more than 100 ° C.At this temperature, it is impossible to pour water on the stones and twigs fan otherwise burns will be provided.Therefore it is necessary to opt for a wood-fired ovens with steamer.Steam generator is a metal chamber installed on the side of the furnace.It heats up faster stones.
presence of convection is an important part of the bath.With convection, mixed layers of cold and warm air inside the steam room, lining temperature.Convective heat the air flows faster.Therefore, it is recommended as far as possible to opt for a convection oven.
Another important point - the presence or absence of the tunnel furnace.This only applies to wood-burning oven.The flue must pass through the tunnel wall so you can throw firewood from the next room.After combustion of wood requires a lot of air, which is better not to waste of steam, it is useful for breathing.Moreover, some of the tunnels are equipped with flue original fireplace window, it can be an excellent solution for the rest rooms.Living Flame will create a cozy atmosphere.
Choose oven baths power.To do this, calculate the volume of steam.In specialty stores have tables to help pick up the device the necessary power.It is not recommended to buy the furnace more power, it will overheat the bath.