you need
  • - permission from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning;
  • - building materials.
Refer to the district department of architecture and get a resolution, as any construction site on your own can be done only if you will be given permission.
receiving permission, dig a pit for the foundation.The foundation can make a tape or monolithic.Dig a pit, taking into account the freezing of the soil in your area and the level of the passage of groundwater.The foundation must be below the frost line and above the water table.
Install formwork, sprinkle sand and gravel bed, it carefully tamp, Mount the reinforcement cage and pour the
foundation above ground level to 50 cm.
Before the construction of the walls of any materialMake a base of three rows of red brick, designed for stacking caps.
walls you can make of any material: from lumber, blocks, bricks, planks of the carcass by the filling.In any case, require additional insulation and protection against moisture.
After installing the walls put up at the ceiling joists of thick timber or logs, make a frame for the roof.The roof on the flocks are doing one or gable.The cheapest and most convenient option - to do this pent roof, and the roof left in your height or higher to put the winter hay or straw.Through the ceiling and roof vents print 2-3.Make them out of thick metal or concrete pipe or of boards, knocking square tubes.
in the ceiling make a hole, and a ladder to the roof.In the winter time, when there will be a lot of snow, very comfortable to climb on the roof and through the hole to throw hay or straw.
Inside make a plaster and whitewash walls.If you are going to keep pigs, the wall obbeyte fine mesh designed for enclosing animals, like pigs have a habit of biting his wall until until the through-holes.Through the net, they can not do that.
Inside flocks make wooden or concrete floor, install the rack and block off corrals.Pens, you can enclose a thick planks or the same grid, which obbivat wall.
Exterior walls obtyanite layer vapor barrier and insulation on top of it.Perform finish on your own.