sure the first thing you need to decide not to how you will correct the effects of the presence of moisture in the house, and that was the reason for its occurrence.On this issue, you need to properly rid of, like weeds in the garden, starting to clean up its roots.
most well-known causes of dampness:
1. The flow of the roof, if you live on the upper floors, or have their home.That you must call the public utilities that are required to patch up all the holes in the roof.Private house - it's good, but do not forget the timely repair.
2. Problems with ventilation.Probably, it is clogged, because the circulation in the room broken.Accumulated moisture does not erode the premises.This problem can occur in people who live on the first floor of
the building.The solution in this case has just two: constant ventilation or continuous cleaning ventilation.For obvious reasons, the second method is more rational to do.
3. Availability san.poor quality of the node, or is in a broken state.
Dampness can cause the ceiling, as a rule, rust or mold.It happens often, and this and that at the same time.The first step is cleaned mold.It is necessary to do it with a spatula.When working, always wear respiratory protection.
finished mold, start work on the rust.She appeared because the moisture passes through floors and walls, along the way materials of metal that began to rust.Simply remove the top rust spatula and rinse with water - this will not be enough.Although you eliminate the appearance of dampness and humidity inside the bearing and bordering the house still remains.It evaporates, and yet the reaction proceeds, and rust can reappear on your ceiling.
This requires processing chemistry.Carry it should be throughout the area to no rust formed elsewhere.For processing facilities require the following chemistry: alkaline or acidic solutions.To prepare the chemical solution, we need water, and everything else to choose from: copper sulfate, citric acid or hydrochloric acid.Regardless of the choice of chemistry, the result will be the same.When working with an acid, be careful.Make sure that it does not hit the open areas of skin, eyes, etc.If the acid still gets on your skin, wash the area with water.