Drywall - a popular building material with which to perform most decorative and other works.It is used in the construction of walls, the floor device, installation of arches and ceilings, leveling walls.Fabrics drywall in any design must be able to withstand the weight load and the impact of other forces, such as expansion and contraction.Therefore, those connecting elements with which the GCR (gypsum board) is attached to the metal sheets or other sheet must be robust, reliable, take into account the features of this building material.
Features drywall screws.

to work with GCR there are several types of screws, which are made of steel or brass.The first - more durable.Among them there are those who treated anti-corrosion coating.And they should b
e given preference in the selection of fasteners for drywall.Head screws can be both a cross and a straight profile slot.The tip may be sharp or designed as a drill.
With no screws fasten drywall?

The most popular fasteners TN25, made of stainless steel and have a corrosion-resistant coating.Screw length - 3.5 mm, diameter - 2.5 mm.Barb ostrozatochennoe, thereby securing element is included in a good frame of plasterboard and metal sheets.For fixing suspensions (direct and shortened) using screw TN25 of the same diameter but a length of 4.5 mm.They can be used in the event that a double layer structure sheathe GCR.
There are screws for plasterboard with frequent and rare carvings.They are made of galvanized steel, which is coated over the protective phosphate coating.This enables them not only resistance to moisture, but also to various refinishing.Cap these fasteners has a conical shape, so it is possible countersunk mounting.
This is the most optimal variant of installation, because thanks to this feature, on the surface of the drywall leaves no protruding above the plane of its parts.Such penetration screws greatly facilitates subsequent plastering work.Another plus of these fasteners - the highest possible pressing cloth drywall to metal or wooden frame.The size of screws varies from 3.5 / 16 to 4.8 mm / 152 mm, which makes it easy to select the most suitable option.Installation is made with a Phillips screwdriver or a screwdriver.