Tip 1: How to make a partition in a room of glass blocks

ability to dispose of the space in the house - is an art, understanding that begins with an idea.Gradually she acquires practical skills necessary materials and implemented.And then you can make beautiful transparent partitions in the house that do not "steal" space and will decorate the interior.
structure of glass blocks is very simple.This tight product is completely enclosed on all sides.It consists of extruded plates fastened together.They have a thickness of about 5-10 mm and a decorative hand better than the foam block or expanded clay, shaped like a brick.Because of this material is very convenient to make partitions in the building.The partition in the shower or the type of interior - everything in your power, if you have a hand and a bit of free time.

start installation

Stekloblochnye partitions are mounted in three main ways: Before erecting partitions consider whether it is temporary or permanent solution.

- dry;
- with the solution;
- using an adhesive.

first method would re
quire special plastic or wooden modules.They look like normal cells 20, 20 and 10 cm. It is a kind of framework for a future wall where the glass blocks and assembled.For better bonding rubber gaskets to be applied.Ease method is that relatively little time is necessary to obtain a complete partition.

Grid blocks need to be attached with screws to the floor.If necessary, they can be removed and rearranged the design to the right place.The disadvantage of the "dry" method is that with it you will not get a high sound insulation.

The second method of this lack is not, but a man with no experience, he will be difficult.However, there are some tricks with which the work will be much easier:

- Do not place the day more than three rows in height because the glass need more time to dry the solution and setting.

- not to erect walls too high, since the weight of the wall may damage the lower blocks.

- To strengthen the walls are best suited metal rods, laid in joints horizontally and vertically.

- After completing the basic work, you need to seal the seams with colored grout to get a nice effect.

The third method requires special masonry adhesive.It can be purchased together with pictures.Once the glue hardens, it turns a beautiful clear film that is well suited to the decor.Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out the finishing.

block selection - art

walls of glass blocks can elegantly fit into the interior or to make an awkward spot in the flashy decor.The issue of choice is very important.It is best to use a child's room a mosaic of colored bricks, and in the bedroom to use shades of burgundy or brown, but in the lobby to make a beautiful mural or mosaic. from a decorative point of view, today issued a lot of blocks of different shape and color.

Alternatively, try not to make a solid barrier, but only partially.Or add glass blocks, for example, to the bar.Moderate combination of wood and glass create a harmonious an interesting picture.

Tip 2: How to make a partition of glass bricks

There are several ways laying glass blocks.If you know the rules of work with the finishing material, it is possible to build a strong and beautiful partition.Required for mounting wooden or metal profiles, the binder composition, the reinforcing material.
Walls of glass blocks can be done in different ways
you need
  • - glue or cement-sand mortar
  • - glass blocks
  • - building level
  • - profiles
  • - spatula
  • - wet sponge
glass blocks - a material that transmits light, but do not allow the details to see what is behind it.Therefore, these partitions often mounted in bathrooms, delimit the zone in a variety of areas.Because the product nice glass blocks, which have a corrugated surface, they can be used to build a barrier that will not only perform the function of zoning areas, but also to a large extent decorate it.
beginning of works - locating and holding partitions layout.In the right places on the wall and ceiling attach the U-shaped profiles made of wood or metal, which will be the framework for the blocks.Next on the floor, focusing on the layout, you need to do a low concrete pad, the width of the corresponding side face of the block size.The length of the cap must be equal to the length of the ceiling-mounted profile.
connects the three ways: dry running, using adhesives, cement-sand mortar.The most convenient and fabricated - the first way.It requires special profiles made of plastic or wood, which are U-shaped strap section 20/20/10.Glass blocks are placed close to each other, the stability of the structure gives the frame profiles.Less of this method is that the sound insulation properties of the wall is very low.
installation of glass blocks with an adhesive solution and represents the same process, the only difference is in the used binder.On the concrete base, a layer of mortar or adhesive and spread the first row of blocks.Then on top of them lay another layer of adhesive and mount the top row.Excess mortar or adhesive is removed with a rubber spatula.
Do not build at a time more than three rows of tall, as the binder composition takes time to grasp.In the area of ​​window and door openings make reinforcement using metal rods section of 4-5 mm.These rods are placed in both horizontal and vertical joints, and fixed with the help of special holders for plastic reinforcement.
During use the building level, which shall be verified with the help of proper installation of each glass block.A solution (adhesive) was removed from the glass surface with a damp sponge.The gap formed between the profiles and blocks fill transparent silicone sealant.Upon completion of the masonry when the solution attains the necessary strength, the sutures will be overwritten as well as when using tiles.
  • beauty of glass blocks in the interior
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