rooms small apartment can be expanded visual and functional methods, the most effective would look a combination of these ideas.

Design room

to increase the space of living rooms, remove the door where you can get by without them.For insulated spaces such as a bedroom or a baby, try to choose a sliding or folding doors that take up less space.

In the living room put a big closet to the ceiling with a few departments and maximum possible capacity.It may seem counterintuitive, because the bulky furniture takes a lot of space, but in small rooms should be very clear storage system, with
out which the conglomeration of things will create the illusion of chaos.

cabinet can also be built-in or order on an individual project for greater ease of installation, and store it is possible not only clothing and bedding, and shoes, hats, home appliances, bags and various items for your favorite hobby.

possible, especially if the ceiling height allows, try to use the principles of multilevel.In the living room hang bookshelves and decorative elements on a sofa, TV and desk.In the children's bunk bed set or order a set of furniture with sleeping baby on a cabinet or desk.

sofas and armchairs purchase folding and table - sliding, which will make room for intimate gatherings and noisy parties. Try not to force too small furnished room is considered an ideal option that remains free at least 50 percent of the floor.

If desired, the wall between the bathroom and the corridor can be removed, if it allows the layout.In this case, the hall will be set aside under a small corner of one wall, and the rest of the space will serve to increase the area of ​​housing.

As for colors, remember that dark colors visually reduce the room, and the light on the contrary - increase.Avoid bright wallpaper with a large pattern, the exception can be made only for some photo wallpapers that look like a window into another room, and then increase the space.

kitchen design in a small apartment

problem of a small square footage in the kitchen can be solved by individual design kitchen units and competent organization of the working space.Install built-in appliances, and choose the one that has more features, such as the oven, which can work as a microwave oven. to increase the working surface of the sill and use extend, and below equipped with several shelves.Discard the traditional table with a corner couch in favor of the bar and chairs.

try to use warm colors neutral, figures and avoid patterns.You can use the mirror strips instead of the apron and as decorative elements as a mirror to help visually enlarge the space.But it is advisable to cover the reflective surface with a special compound repels dirt and grease, or very soon will be the mirror will look dull and sloppy.

If you have a small family, try to do small-sized refrigerator and kitchen cabinets that take up less space.

Design bathroom

small bathroom combined with a toilet, too, can make a very comfortable and even spacious.Most places available if you install the bath instead of the standard vertical shower.Wash underneath you get used to it very quickly, and the space will be much more.If you can not imagine your life without a bath, get her a little smaller.
Your comfort is almost not affected, and this model can be installed not along, and across the room, making it more spacious.

sewer pipe and water pipe routing can be installed and integrated into plastic walls, pre-gouged holes in them.The thickness of the walls of many homes especially in old buildings it is allows you to do.Then you will be able to carefully seal the irregularities occurred and get a smooth wall without protruding pipes. Do not forget about the mirror, you can set two on opposite walls, while multiple reflections create the illusion of more space.

washing machine in order to save space, can be placed under the sink, previously hidden pipe in the wall, and protection against leakage.You can also put on top of the washing machine or drying machine to pull the rope over the bath for drying clothes in several rows.In stores you can find even a special system for this purpose with height adjustment and multiple levels, which depend on the amount of laundry.