you need
  • - cineraria;
  • - ceramic (clay) pot of medium size;
  • - ground (earth, peat, compost);
  • - moss (peat fiber);
  • - bark (perlite);
  • - water.
Cineraria has a well-developed root system that reaches for the growth of large volumes and occupies most of the flower pot.In addition, during the winter shoots cineraria significantly stretched and require care and pruning.At a time when the plant becomes crowded in its pot, it must be transplanted.Do it best in early spring.
Take a small amount of pot, clay or ceramic, in which plant roots can breathe.For the transplant choose a pot slightly larger than the previous one.
Prepare fresh ground for cineraria a neutral to slightly alkaline environment.At the bottom of the pot lay concrete block, cov
er the drainage hole with peat moss or fiber.For the composition of the soil, take 2 pieces of land, 1 part peat and ½ compost.The land can add pieces of bark or perlite.Cineraria require good drainage.Place the soil in the pot about 1/3 of lightly moisten it.The soil should be nutritious, loose and well hydrated, sincecineraria likes a good watering and humidity.
Then remove the plant from its old pot, remove from it the old ground and remove dead roots.You also need to prune the plant by grafting.The dry and weak branches and leaves, remove the remaining branches cut to 1/3.After pruning should Prischepa upper leaves to the branches and the plant is better able to please you with abundant flowering.
into the prepared soil in the pot put a flower and dosypte right amount of land.
cineraria can be replaced by transshipment.If your flower is very large, it is necessary to put the plant in a new pot without removing the earthen clod with a root system and the right amount of sleep on top of the soil.
After transplantation necessarily again moisten the ground and put in a pot for a while in a dark place, where there is strong sunlight.After a while the land may settle, so you need to fill up the new one.Watering flower is now recommended to the very mild until cineraria are not accustomed.
A week later, after the plant is stuck, cineraria put on the windowsill east or west window, because the flower loves bright ambient light.
addition, cineraria, instead of grafted transplants possible and get a new plant in the spring.