best time to plant a lemon in a greenhouse or in the home - spring.The temperature should be + 20-22 degrees.There are two most common ways to grow lemon: from seed and cuttings from the apical.This second method makes it much more likely within a year after planting to harvest.Buy stalk lemon can be in a botanical garden.
Choose stalks with 3-4 leaves and are at least 1 year (must escape lightly odrevesnevet).Put him in the wet river sand, cover the jar and provide light.Pour in 1-2 days, but the small amount of water, so as not to fill the plant.Watch the temperature in the greenhouse.It should not reach above 26 degrees.As soon as the first new leaf, remove the jar.The root system is strengthened about 3 weeks, and then can be
transplanted lemon in the soil.
Grow plants can be in small pots and in the open field.The second option allows trees to grow much larger.Choose a special blend of citrus or 2/3 loamy soil mixed with sand 1/3.From time to time make replacement of topsoil.In winter, fertilize the soil liquid fertilizer for citrus fruits (1 per month), and in the summer - fertilizers with a high nitrogen content (2-3 times a month).
citric needed light and good ventilation.If you grow a lemon in a greenhouse in the summer, especially in hot weather better protect the plant from the scorching sun.Do not forget about proper ventilation, because it does not tolerate high humidity.During prolonged heat and moisten the soil, and shelves.In winter the temperature should not fall below 7 degrees.This is especially important for fruit ripening.If the temperature drops to zero or below, and the plant peremerznet cease to bear fruit.
Pour lemon purified or rain water as contaminants suspended growth and reduce flowering.Do not pour the lemon tree, it can lead to root rot.Perform irrigation at such intervals, which would allow the soil to dry out (it should be barely damp).
as necessary prune too thin and long stems, but not often.During the warmer months, take care to not start on the plant pests.To do this, repeat the benefits of regular airing.The fruit is usually ripe to fall.Do not remove them as soon as they have acquired a distinctive yellow color.Leave them to ripen for another 1-1.5 months.