you need
  • pipe welder, pipe fittings, press fittings, screw connections
Selection of pipes depends on the type of heating system in your home.You need to consider the following information.
Determine the type of heating system in your home.It can be forced or gravity.Consider it a way to bookmark - outside or inside walls.
is important to take into account the configuration of the system, maximum and average pressure in it, maximum and average temperature.Evaluate the pipe is on the basis of these data.
There are several types of pipes.More recently, were common steel pipes, alternatives existed.And today, in some situations, the best option is the tube from the "black" metal.
strength - the main advantage of this material.Pipes are resistant to high temperatures, because the c
arbon steel can withstand temperatures up to 1,500 degrees.The heating system without fear of seal failure can be maintained sufficiently high pressure.Price pipes democratic.
This material has disadvantages.Firstly, the difficulty of installation.To perform the work required skilled welders.
Collect heating system should be before finishing, because the welding can damage the flooring and wallpaper.Secondly, heating of the steel tube requires constant maintenance.
pipes made of polypropylene - the next version of the heating system.The pipes are lightweight, they are not "overgrow" lime bloom, no rust problems.You can turn off the system and not be afraid to "unfreeze" the pipes.Price available.
durable polypropylene pipes.They will last up to 20 years.Polypropylene pipes are easy to mount.To do this, you need the connectors, because polypropylene does not bend.
Among the new directions include the installation of a heating system, which uses cross-linked polyethylene pipe.Here they are worth.
are: resistance to high pressures and temperatures, durability, ease of installation, corrosion resistance and "overgrown".Required for mounting a press-fitting or threaded connections.The service life of such tubes is 50 years.
Metal pipes -the most popular type of pipe.They combine the best qualities of plastic and steel pipe, are easy to mount.Plastic pipes do not change color, do not require painting.The system can serve up to 50 years.
You can select and pipes made of copper.This is an expensive but very effective solution.The heating system will last about 100 years.Pipes are not afraid of the bitter cold, hammering.Wide operating temperature range - another advantage.