you need
  • - filter;
  • - plastic bottles;
  • - capacity;
  • - concrete block;
  • - activated carbon;
  • - baked clay.
purest natural water - it melt and rain, but if the rain comes in an urban environment where there is smog, the water turns to even more harmful impurities than natural from the reservoirs.The same applies to the melt water, if drains it from city streets.
method of purification by freezing and thawing can be applied at home.To this add water in a plastic bottle, freeze 1/3.All is not frozen water contains salts of heavy metals and harmful impurities, so its drain.Frozen part will be pure water, but this method does not guarantee that it will not remain microorganisms.
To avoid the presence of microorganisms miss the water through the triple filter deep clean, boil, pour into bottles, freeze, drain the remaining third of the water.You get perfectly clean water without impurities and microorganisms.
In the field, where it is impossible to use the filter or simply do not boil the water for 1 hour, let it sit for days in an open container, pour into a clean container without shaking the sediment, which fellall impurities and heavy metals.Boiling helps to destroy all microorganisms.As a result, you can use water and cook her food.
Instead of filter can also be used expanded clay, activated carbon and fired clay, which filter water, not missing suspension and heavy metals, but do not kill germs and bacteria, so the water is still to be boiled.
good industrial water treatment does not include boiling, so it is chlorinated.Per ton of drinking water used 0.7 g of chlorine.Some chlorine causes allergies and asthma are advised not to drink water from the tap, and use the filters clean triple or double.After the boiling water treatment is not necessary since all known chlorine kills bacteria and other microorganisms.