you need
  • - foam sheet;
  • - «mushrooms» the clips;
  • - mesh reinforcement;
  • - adhesive;
  • - punch;
  • - building level;
  • trowel;
  • - a hammer;
  • - plastic nails;
  • - aluminum corners;
  • - front ground;
  • - finishing materials
Deal holiday home wall primer.Carefully check the surface with a spirit level.Set the "beacons".
Evenly apply a special glue on foam plate using a notched trowel.Push the plate to the wall and align using a spirit level and the "beacons".Attach rest plate similar to the first.
Wait until the glue dries.Drill through the mounting holes in the foam plates using a punch.Insert a sp
ecial "mushrooms" in the clips received holes and hammer them into the wall using a hammer.Wherein the head "fungus" should be slightly recessed into the foam.Lock "fungus" using a plastic nail by inserting it in a hole in the middle dowel.
Process and align all the corners of the building, using special aluminum corners.
Secure mesh for reinforcement at the top of the wall with nails.Apply spatula thick adhesive layer so that the mesh was sunk in the adhesive layer.Going from top to bottom, zaarmiruyte entire wall surface.Add the remaining "fungi" - they will record an additional net.Allow the glue to dry.
Proshpaklyuyte wall with glue, putting it on top of the grid.After drying of the adhesive layer must be carefully primed surface of the walls, using the front and the ground.Make the last layer decorative finish by applying the selected finishing materials.This may be a paint, tiles, marble chips or plaster finish.
your cottage insulated.