The first thing you need to be guided when buying a shower - is its size.Arm yourself with a tape measure, a pencil, a piece of paper and carefully measure the parameters (length, width, height) of the space where you intend to put the shower.

Next, using a spirit level, measure exactly perpendicular walls to the ceiling - must be exactly 90 degrees.Then your cabin easily and beautifully get up at the scheduled place.The evenness of the wall is also important when installing the shower.Not seen you protrusion may result in unpleasant consequences, ranging from aesthetic defects to the complete abolition of the cabin installation and return it to the store.

Selection and

Today the market offers a great variety of mo
dels of showers.The main factors in the selection is usually a compact cabin and material.The most popular are booths with sliding doors, asthey save space, that the small square bath is very important.

When you select should also take into account the ease of assembly.Sometimes it can even be the deciding factor.But, whatever you may choose the model, it should be at least 80x80 cm. This is a necessary minimum.

Another important point - the material from which made the cabin, and moisture resistance, resistance to temperature changes.Usually it consists of a shower pan, walls and doors with the devices.

most common material for walls and doors - polystyrene.Its disadvantage is that over time it becomes cloudy and covered with stains.Meanwhile, the glass such problems do not happen, and the choice is much wider glass design - a simple, frosted, tinted, frosted.But the cost will cost you more.

Pallets modern manufacturers offer different materials - iron, steel, acrylic, ceramics, artificial stone.Cast iron is durable and reliable, but long to heat, it requires an additional water flow.Steel makes a lot of noise during operation, and the enamel spoils quickly on the steel surface - cracks and chipped.Acrylic trays have a good performance - heat up quickly and are easy to clean, but sag under the heavy weight.

Ceramic trays are good in all but one - they are fragile, easily split and require great care during the operation.Therefore, if a family has young children, better to exclude this option once.The rest will depend on your personal preferences and capabilities.

the selected model, inspect the equipment and check the operation of the doors - they should fit tightly to each other and well opened and closed.If you are satisfied, you can safely make a purchase.