If other room in your home have a clear purpose (dining room, bedroom, living room, office), the guest room should consist of several functional areas.In this room, a guest must be able not only to relax or sleep, but also to spend a few hours or just to read.

Therefore, in the guest room must be a desk, dresser and bed.If the area of ​​the room allows, you can arrange it in a library, dressing room or place to relax with a chair and a coffee table.

So, before proceeding to the arrangement of the guest room, it is necessary to consider its location - no need to allocate space for it under the stairs or a small room with no w

indows.If the house or apartment have a small area, it is better not to equip guest than forcing guests to huddle in a small room.

good option for homes and apartments with a small area of ​​the room can become the organization by combining it with another location.For example, in a room set aside for study, you can put a sofa, and on arrival to release him in the closet a few shelves.So, a few days will turn your office into a cozy guest room.

In a separate room equipped for guests is better to put a double bed, because it will be convenient as the two of the people, and one visitor.The small guest room, you can put a sofa-bed.If the area of ​​the room allows, in addition to a bed or couch in the room, you can put the couch, sofa or folding armchair, which can comfortably accommodate guests who arrived with the child.

As for styles, the guest room is ideal for decoration in the style of moderate minimalism or classical style.As a color scheme preferable to use calm tones: golden, beige, light gray, etc.Moderate colors, and styles of interior calm may not cause special delight guests, but they are annoying just will not, which, incidentally, is no less important.