Neon lamps can be incorporated into the network of direct or alternating current.Pick the transformer for connecting the lamp, given its length and the composition of the gas mixture.Secondary (output) voltage transformer is calculated by the special tables if they are not indicated in the accompanying documents.Note also that the electronic voltage converters are more suitable for closed spaces.
If you are installing the lamp on the street, make sure you do the grounding, use and electromagnetic devices.
Pick PMVK necessary high-voltage wire section and the desired length.Keep in mi
nd, the installation must be carried out so that the length of the wires is minimized.Use of PVC-tube to separate the wire from the metal parts of the structure.
Install the lamp in the Polycarbonate holders.Connect according to the diagram shown on the transformer, carefully insulate the junction wire ribbon and a special tube.
Ground all conductive parts of the structure, or check if it is done earlier.
In the manufacture of neon lamps used ordinary glass (glass tube with a diameter of 7 mm to 50 mm, length 90 cm), so be sure to use a protective cover made of polycarbonate or acrylic plastic.
Besides neon helium mixture (+ neon, helium and argon) is pumped into the vacuum.Under the influence of an electric field, this mixture breaks down into ions and electrons.The ions migrate to the anode, the electrons to the cathode.In Transition undecayed atoms are excited and give a part of their energy as photons of light, which causes the glow of gas.Therefore, during installation, observe safety rules, do not shake the lamp, do not drop them or allow depressurization design, or paw will not burn.