When choosing a floor covering should pay particular attention to the material and quality, not only guided by aesthetic concepts.There are many different materials for the flooring - tile, linoleum, carpet, laminate flooring, wood floor.Some buyers in choosing the flooring look at the quality of the material and its cost, the other - on the external characteristics.

Recently gaining popularity floors, which are also referred to as polymer.The advantage of self-leveling floor is that it is easy to clean, with easily removed any dirt.Self-leveling floors can be perfectly done by the optionally call the experts as simply buy the necessary dry mixture.This type of floor is an innovation among floor coverings, recentl
y the building materials market appeared even bulky floors 3D.Of course, they are so common on the road and fairly, so that everyone could afford it.

You must think carefully about what kind of flooring you the most suitable.With regard to the polymer, or self-leveling floor, it is quite costly, both in money and in labor terms.The fact that apart from the top of the floor, there is also the lower layer, which consists of concrete and is the basis for self-leveling floor.It is much easier with linoleum.The main advantage of this coating is that it can be used for any absolutely premises - for balcony or even toilets.This is the cheapest type of flooring from all available.Behind it is easy to look after, and it is durable.However, you should avoid furniture with sharp edges to avoid scratching.

As for tile Coatings can be used not everywhere.Tiles, mainly used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bathroom and on the balcony.
Now on to the carpet.The price of this material is, of course, "bite", especially if it is made of natural wool, but the physical properties of carpet is very pleasant.This type of coating is very fastidious in the care and prone to damage.However, if you really want, you can still cover the floor carpet, because it creates a very comfortable atmosphere and comfort.So think carefully before you decide to take this step.

Very popular are hardwood, cork and laminate floors.However, such as the parquet flooring or laminate flooring can not be used in rooms with high humidity.

If you are the owner of a richly decorated apartment or house, you no longer fit parquet floors, and if you do not need delights in the interior, you can get a traditional wooden floor.

When choosing flooring, consider that it should be combined with the colors of furniture, based on the contrast.The smaller the room, the smaller should be the pattern or design or even be monotonous.As for the carpet, the small rooms suitable for a short nap for more - longer.Think carefully about the pros and cons of each of the coatings, and forward - the choice is yours!