partitions in a private home can be made of brick, glass, drywall boards, concrete blocks, silicate blocks.Each of these materials makes their claims to the state of the room: floor loading capacity, the quality of the wood material of the wall.

features walls of glass blocks

device for curtain wall of glass blocks will be needed, metal rails, special glue or cement-sand mortar.They are binding for all the design elements.Since glass blocks every 2-3 rows will need to be fixed to the wall, next to which they are built, it is important that it be strong.

design of this material is quite heavy, so make sure beforehand that the floor can withstand the load.If the partition is mounted in a one-story house, it is advisable to inspect the joists
and sheathing the lower floors.If this is not possible, and the building was built many years ago, it is better not to take risks and to select the device wall lighter material.A similar requirement applies to structures made of brick.

Features walls of plasterboard

Drywall - optimal choice for installation of partitions in a private home or in high-rise.It is lightweight, durable, easy to install.For the device the wall will need two types of metal profile: rack and a guide.These products are designed for rack mounting.In addition, you will need to buy hangers, screws for gypsum fiber board, screws CMM 3.5 / 51 mm.Of the tools required jigsaws, metal scissors, screwdriver, knife stationery.

If you can not use a metal profile, it can be replaced with wooden bars cross section of 3/3 or 3/4 cm. For the installation of the framework will need wood screws and screwdriver.

Features partitions from foam blocks and gas silicate

walls of blocks made of foam and gas silicate, can not be installed in rooms with high humidity.The reason - the hygroscopic properties of this building material.Therefore, such a wall is not recommended to build in the bathrooms and shower rooms, kitchens, baths and saunas.

have partitions from foam blocks have certain advantages: they have a light weight, durable, are fast installation and low time-consuming work.For the construction of these structures need a special adhesive cement or cement-sand mortar.Cut blocks, you can use an ordinary hacksaw or jigsaw.