you need
  • - plastic clutch;
  • - plastic caps;
  • - blue LEDs;
  • - red LEDs;
  • - small nipple;
  • - 20 cc syringe;
  • - 5 cc syringe;
  • - wire;
  • - batteries in the form of tablets;
  • - toggle switch;
  • - impeller with a nozzle;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - drill with a drill;
  • - knife.
Cut out the middle of the impeller using plastic cap (on the outside of his hand) hole, using a special circular nozzle.
Drill the side of the plastic sleeve hole is designed for installation in a switch.
Cut the tip of the blade 20 a bottom of the syringe.
Place a bottom housing 20 of the syringe in a plastic cap.One end of the syringe, which protrude from under the hood, connect the nipple (Shove in a thin part of the s
yringe nipple).
the 5-bottoms make the syringe container for batteries.
soldered to design the container with battery.Then attach using a soldering iron to the hood blue and red LEDs.
Push the wire through the hole on the plastic sleeve.On the plastic cap on top put a plastic sleeve.
By withdrawing from the coupling wire, attach a small toggle switch.Check the operation of the mechanism set up by setting the switch to a different position.
Screw design instead of a shower or faucet.When you turn on the hot water, it should be highlighted in red, and when the cold - blue.