To select the most suitable toilet in terms of physical comfort, do not hesitate to sit on it a little bit in the store in the presence of the seller and the other buyers.Only in practice, you will be able to choose the right form for you, the height and size of the toilet that just will not generate during its use uncomfortable legs and pelvis.
Ask the seller about the producer model you like.A good quality of domestic production have toilets.Czech, Slovenian and Polish producers are very strict to the aesthetics of plumbing.The most high-quality toilets are from France, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Italy.
material and manufacturing of the bowl and flushing tank can be anything: cast iron, porcelain, plastic, semiporcelain, sanitary war
e, and even wood treated with a special compound.Do not buy iron bowl becauseEnamel covering its surface, fast bursts.The best option - a ceramic bowl made of porcelain.
integral part of each toilet - his bowl.It can be funnel-shaped, a plate or visor.If you want to avoid splashing of water during defecation, a certain part of the body lowered into the interior of the bowl, look at the poppet version.
Sitting on wash down toilet bowl splash on certain parts of the body can not be avoided, but at the time of flushing them will not be exact.
visor toilets are the "golden mean" between the poppet and the funnel.They are designed to protect all of your parts of the body from unpleasant spray as during a bowel movement, and by washing water.
toilet tank can be highly disposable (suspended) and low disposable.The latest models are in great demand among buyers.Low disposable bowls look much more modern suspension, they are easier to install in the future to monitor the cleanliness of the tank.But the water in the flushing of a suspended tank flushes the toilet bowl a bit better, the energy expense of water velocity, down a vertical drain.