Start with Self-Service or the order of the overall project sanitation.If you start work, you do not think through all the details, you can not get the system of wastewater, and the system of getting them back into the room.
sure to contemplate biases in the sewer system.This is important when laying sewage pipes, and at working the angles of rotation.With insufficient slope in the pipe may be congested, and with a negative slope of the water can not flow sewerage well, and back into the house.
also calculated the angles of rotation of sewer pipes.Water to remove large impurities inadmissible under the rotation angles greater than 90 degrees.The more
gentle turn to the better permeability of sewage.In some cases it is better not to make a connection from one outlet directly, and two at an angle of 45 degrees.
Note at the selection of materials that street spreading room inside apartment and use different types of pipes.This is due to different operating conditions.Inside the sewer pipe is not practical experiences stress, but the outdoor part of the system will be in the mobile area.Street of the sewer made of stronger materials and should have a larger diameter.
installation of sewerage system lead of the fixed points, hard-coded in the geometry of space.Ideal to start the installation of the final point of the exhaust pipe and gain points for sanitary water intake.
Ensure that collected pipes of the system had no additional loads, bending or slices.Plastic likely fracture in the joints even if small portions of the bending loads.
Each individual pipe section is fixed to avoid sagging and excessive free length.
Unlike cast iron pipes, plastic insulation require mandatory because it does not muffle the sound of falling water.