device shower panel with hydromassage

panel with hydromassage includes the following elements: body, one or two shower heads (hand-built and with a soft hose), whirlpool jets, a mixer and a mode switch.

The panels, which can be installed over the bath, on the site of one of the injectors is a hole for the water supply.Hydromassage shower panels can be manually or electronically controlled.In some cases, one model comes in two versions - with electronic and manual control.

shower panel housing can be made of acrylic or aluminum alloy.Both of these materials have high strength, they are resistant to moisture.Some models can be constructed of opaque or transparent colored glasses.Quite often, the glass is used for finishing of metal and plastic panels.

installation shower panel with hydromassage

installation shower panel mus
t be done after the completion of construction and finishing works, but bring water for her to be in advance. panel with massage jets can be strengthened in the shower or over the bathtub.

Depending on the setting of shower panels can be wall, corner, and universal.Corner panel mount harder than the wall, since in this case it is necessary that the walls are arranged to each other at an angle of exactly 90 degrees.In addition, these models occupy more space.

Very little space occupied by built-in shower panel.In this case, nozzles, watering cans and a mixer embedded in a wall, and not in the body.The advantage of such models is that the place of installation and placement of the order, you can choose yourself.To this panel to function properly, you need to accurately calculate the location of each piece.Otherwise, the whirl system may fail to start.

clogged nozzles panels and corrosion of some parts creates an increased hardness of the water.To avoid this, you need to install special filters with replaceable cartridges. To care for the panels need to use a soft sponge and liquid cleaning products made of plastic, glass and chrome surfaces.Do not use abrasives and alkali.

One of the important conditions for the installation of a shower panel with massage jets is sufficient water pressure - below two atmospheres.