you need
  • - red bricks;
  • - foam;
  • - moisture-resistant gypsum board;
  • - aquarium silicone;
  • - wire;
  • - cement.
There is a basic version of the installation of acrylic bathtubs.For a solid foundation is masonry or cement, which then rise and bottom of the tub.Particular attention should be paid to the bricks.For construction should be used only red bricks otherwise not prevent growth of moss and mold.
bricklaying or screed is the size of the bottom right on the bathroom floor.We
should not forget to leave the holes for the installation of a siphon, and other components.Regardless of the bath, you should make a small slope of the base of 1-2 centimeters.Of course, in the bathroom of the slope is given by the manufacturer, but it is better to err.
After the base when done, it should be put to one side the bath and install all drain components.Next bath set on the prepared pedestal, where the pre-applied layer of the solution or foam.Thus, a stable static bath.
Thereafter built side.They can be filled with water-resistant drywall from, gypsum fiber board, particle board and so on.It is possible and even desirable to make the viewing window in the side of the bathroom.Through it, you can reach the drain communications, as well as used as a repository for various powders and space for window cleaners.
tub to the wall may simply abut and seal - coat with aquarium silicone.But it is better to make a groove in the wall and to insert in the solution bath.This will give more reliability and practicality.
Many annoying noise, which publishes the bath when the water is poured into it.To resolve this, you need to treat the body with foam bath, or with a mixture of PVA solution.This "coat" will absorb any noise.
desirable to strengthen the side of the bath.To do this, you should use a wire that is placed in the hollow space of boards and filled with cement mortar with liquid glass.This will fearlessly stand on skirting the bathroom, and even jump on it.
After the bath set, all sides are decorated with tiles, the joints are coated with silicone aquarium, and where you have pasted plastic corner.