you need
  • - Gas boiler;
  • - access to water pipe;
  • - installation tools.
Identify, where will be located the gas boiler .You can stay in the kitchen or even the bathroom.For greater security, not out of place will be the installation of the chimney.Think once, which will be its output.If the house is already in the chimney of the fireplace or other boiler better set the hood from the boiler right into it.
Set boiler vertically to the wall and make sure that it will be convenient to connect to automation.Determine the location for mounting and drill a few holes in the wall.Next, install the supplied boiler special dowels.Screw boiler to the wall with screws.
Move gas.To connect the gas pipe tee and screw it to th
e tap.Attach clips pipe from the boiler to the tee to the wall.Clips recommended to install through the meter.With invoice nut and the fitting connected to the boiler tube.
Connect gas boiler after preliminary overlapping supply.Put into each pipe tee.Along the wall of the pipe clips set to the boiler.Between the boiler and water pipes set the filter, tighten the fitting and union nut, and connect.