you need
  • - Pipes;
  • - tees;
  • - challenges;
  • - flute;
  • - siphons.
Start by looking at the old sewer.Look, what elements it includes (tees, elbows, fittings, crosses), and how many of them.If you are going to install sewers in a new place, draw a diagram.It select all the components.
Measure the total length of all sewer pipes.Calculate the diameter of the pipe you need.What kind of tees, elbows will be needed for installation.Record the results of measurements in the scheme and the number of the desired item.
Visit plumbing shop.Buy everything you need by referring to your diagram.In addition to pipes, elbows and tees, buy traps for
bath and kitchen sink.Choosing a siphon, guided by the following considerations: the length of the flutes, the presence or absence drain for washing / dishwasher and ease of cleaning.Yet you may need corrugation to attach the toilet to the sewer.
Turn off the water supply apartments to happen to fill the house and neighbors (the desire to wash your hands, go to the toilet and other incidents).Installation of sewage does not take much time, so that nothing bad will happen.Make the dismantling of the old sewage system, if available.
Start mounted sewer any convenient, do you think the place.If you do everything right measurements, it will not be decisive.You can collect a few fragments of two or three parts, and then combine them into one.Siphon plug least, once installed in the sink and bathtub.
approximate order of installation is as follows: Mount the tee 110/50/110 the chimney outlet.The tee insert corrugation toilet and the first section of pipe with a diameter of 50 mm the desired length.On the tube wear tee 50/50/50 to connect to a siphon of the sink.From this tee will continue to lead sewer pipe to the bathroom, where another set tee (it then insert the siphon).After that, go to the kitchen, where you want to stretch the tube by inserting it into the last tee.At the end of the pipe slide, if necessary, the withdrawal of 90 degrees (generally every turn of events via taps).Insert siphons designed for them.Connect them plum washing machine and dishwasher.
Turn on the water in the apartment.Open the faucet in the bathroom and kitchen.Check connectors for leaks and, if necessary, treat them with silicone sealant.